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Bicycle Shop

Welcome to Tarpon Tom's, your one-stop shop for bicycle rentals Trinity, plus kayak and stand up paddle (SUP) board rentals. We also offer purchase, sales and repair of bikes, kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, funboards, and longboards. Located at 532 S. Pinellas Ave. in Tarpon Springs, FL, we help make your Trinity vacation more fun and exciting! Check out our Facebook page to see all the fun you could be having on one of our bikes, SUPs or kayaks.

You can find us at our shop between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm on Mondays through Saturdays. Call us at (727) 942-8200 or email us at to book your rental. Ask about our tours, group discounts, and individual discounts for those in qualified organizations. We serve the entirety of Pinellas County with kayak rentals  Trinity explorers need plus bike and SUP board rentals.

(727) 942-8200

E-bike Rental.


day -$50

Bike Rental .

2 hrs - $25 

day - $40

week - $125

Tandem Bikes.

2hrs - $40

day - $70

Kayak And Sups.

2hrs - $30

day - $45

week - $150

Fiberglass Boards Available:

day - $50

Tandem Kayak.

2hrs - $50

day - $70

Rentals & Rates

Bicycle Rentals Trinity

In addition to the kayak rentals Trinity depends on, we also offer the bicycle rentals Trinity counts on for entertainment and exercise. You remain healthy in mind and body by staying physically active. With our bicycle rentals Trinity can participate in one of the best exercises available for social distancing because its lets you get a cardio workout, experience fresh air and relieve stress on your own. Biking around Pinellas County gets you outdoor activity with no- or low-contact, as the CDC recommends. As the bicycle rentals Trinity depends on, we rent to individuals and families. Perhaps you reside in a small apartment with no storage space for a bicycle. Visit us for bicycle rentals Trinity can use to get moving and keep moving. In addition to cruiser bikes, we rent four-wheel Surrey fun cycles and tandem bikes. Let us help you enjoy your staycations, vacations and days off with the bicycle rentals  Trinity has come to depend on for two and four-wheel fun.

E Bike Rentals Trinity

The Tarpon Tom's Rentals offer Electric Bike Rentals in Trinity is the perfect solution if you're looking for something entertaining to do. It's a great way to spend time with the kids outside in the fresh air with E-Bike Rental Trinity
The finest way to see a new place is on an Electric Bike Rentals in Trinity no contest. You can see a lot of the area quickly while yet seeing the sights in intimate detail. E-Bike Rental Trinity are available for 24 hours.

Rent one of our E-Bike Rentals in Trinity and pedal your way through Tarpon. Our Electric Bike Rentals in Trinity are well suited to the residential way of life since they can be used for both short trips in the city and longer excursions along the coast. Below are a few reasons you should rent our Electric Bike Rental Trinity.

You Will Enjoy a Swift Ride with E Bike Rental Trinity

Are you seeking a smooth voyage? If you want to go off quickly, you have to twist the throttle of our E-Bike Rental Trinity. Is joining the fun something you're considering? Electric Bike Rental in Trinity includes a which you can use pedal assistance by activating it. On the lookout for a fantastic physical activity of our E-Bike Rental Trinity? Once you put this in manual control, it behaves like any other bike.

Our Electric Bike Rentals in Trinity Offer a Firm Gear

Our rental e-bikes include a firm lock to get off and on securely and worry-free during the day, with a universal cup holder and a necessary basket to carry your gear with the E-Bike Rental Trinity

Why Choose Our Electric Bike Rental in Trinity Services

The greatest way to enjoy your leisure is on a rented electric bike! With your epic neighboring landscape, renting our E-Bike Rental in Trinity will allow you to enjoy a memorable experience with E-Bike Rental Trinity, whether you're alone or with your loved ones. We have stocked the best-quality bikes that fulfills your desire for comfort, speed and flexibility as you tour your surroundings. Get in touch with us today to see our latest listings Electric Bike Rental Trinity and the available e-bike options.

Water Sports and Cycling Repairs 

Sure, Tarpon Tom’s provides the go-to spot for the kayak, SUP board and bicycle rentals Trinity needs, but instead of just renting sports equipment, we do repairs, too! Bring your surfboard in for resurfacing, shaping, or other repairs. We repair bicycles, tricycles, tandem bikes, and kayaks, as well. We can help you keep your sports equipment in top shape! Whether you initially visit us for bicycle rentals, or kayak rentals in Trinity or SUP board rentals, be sure to ask about our repair work. We conduct the repairs right here, on-site. We sell bike tires, and we install them, too. Visit us for repairs to road bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, children’s bikes, tricycles, and unicycles. Handily, with our bicycle rentals Trinity can depend on, even with your own bike in the shop, you can still get around on two wheels.

Experience Quality Bike Repair services at Bike repair Tarpon Springs

Bicycles are good for helping people keep fit and have fun moments with family and friends. Bikes, however, need to be well maintained and serviced to give a quality ride. Tarpon Toms Bike repair Tarpon Springs sorts all your bicycle repair and maintenance issues. Tarpon Tom's  Bike repair Tarpon Springs guarantees a well-maintained and serviced bicycle. You must regularly bring your bike for maintenance at Tarpon Tom's the best Bike repair shop in Tarpon Springs to have great ride quality. It would be best to ensure the bike repair shop has professional mechanics who can deliver outstanding bike repair services like Tarpon Tom's Bike repair in Tarpon Springs. You’ll have an exemplary riding journey free from accidents, breakdowns, and injuries if you bring your bicycle to tarpon tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs for repair.

At Tarpon Tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs we have experienced mechanics that will help you shape your bicycle to the right tune giving you comfort and safety while on the road. The mechanics at Tarpon Tom's Bike repair in Tarpon Springs are skilled in repairing any bike, whether you have a Giant, Trek, or Electra Bike. We at Tarpon Tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs are a bike repair shop with extensive experience with many bicycles. Our bike repair shop at Bike repair Tarpon Springs delivers on the spot meaning there will be no wait time or false promises you’ll be subjected to.

Tarpon Tom's  Bike repair Tarpon Springs is a bike repair shop with reasonable charges for different kinds of repair needs. Our team at Tarpon Tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs will sort out any problem your bike has and give you a quotation depending on the kind of accessories that will be needed. Tarpon Tom's Bike repair in Tarpon spring is a one-stop bike repair shop where we sell all bike accessories and also do bike rentals. With Tarpon Tom's  Bike repair Tarpon Springs, you can get a bike repair shop that sorts your issues at a reasonable price, even if you’re the only person in the queue.

You should visit Tarpon Tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs if you need your bicycle to be in tip-top shape and experience a quality ride from an experienced bike repair shop. You will realize that Tarpon Tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs is not a bike repair shop that makes empty promises , but instead, we deliver quality services to thousands of bicycle enthusiasts. Bring your bike repair needs to Tarpon Tom's Bike repair Tarpon Springs and you will realize why it is a highly rated bike repair shop in Tarpon springs.

Girl on SUP at sunset

SUP Board Rentals 

Stand up paddleboard surfing or SUP surfing provides you with a terrific all-over workout, but you will get an especially great upper body workout. You remain in the upright position and balance on the board so that it feels as if you walk on the water’s surface. This provides you with a different workout than you get in our kayak rentals Trinity You can use SUPs in calm waters or ocean waves. You can also try out SUP yoga or explore the Gulf on a SUP. Our SUP board rentals provide you with the variety of SUP boards you need to try out each style of this fun activity. Our SUP board rentals include paddle boards for surfing, which have a rocker and contoured bottom, yoga paddleboards, and touring paddleboards. We also include the ideal paddles in your rental, so you have the right length and shape ore for your water sport activity. You should wear a personal floatation device (PDF) while participating in this sport. You can choose from a buoyant vest or belt. This protection helps you remain afloat if something should happen to damage the board while you explore rough waters or paddle in an isolated area. Our SUP board rentals let you explore the Gulf waters as never before, combining a superb workout with nature exploration. We do recommend that you and a friend use our SUP board rentals together since exploring the Gulf with a buddy is much safer.

Cycling Sales and Purchases 

Yes, you can count on Tarpon Tom’s for the SUP board rentals and kayak rentals Trinity needs, but we also buy and sell bicycles. Maybe you rented a bike from us the week of your staycation. After realizing that you can easily bike around town, you decided to purchase a bike. Visit us today because we have a wide selection of new and used bicycles available. We sell children’s and adult’s bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, road bikes, also called touring bikes and the occasional unicycle and tricycle as they come into our shop. What better place to purchase than a shop that also conducts maintenance and repairs?


Visit Tarpon Tom’s for Your Outdoor Fun 

We’ve served Tarpon Springs since 2012 and our superb sports equipment combined with our top-quality customer service keep our customers coming back for more sports rentals. We provide rider instructions for kayak, bike or SUP board rentals and safety tips. Ask us about our birthday party packages and corporate rentals. We rent to church groups, youth groups, scouting troops, and much more. We offer the kayak rentals Trinity vacationers and staycationers can count on for individual, couple and group fun activities outdoors.

Ask us about our discounts to special groups for kayak, bike and SUP board rentals. You can purchase an annual pass to save big all year round on the bicycle rentals Trinity loves and the kayak rentals Trinity depends on for water fun. The same annual pass also gets you discounted SUP board rentals all year long.
Think of Tarpon Tom’s when you want to explore Lake Seminole Park, Honeymoon Island, Yacht Harbor, Safety Harbor, or other nearby areas in or near Dunedin or Safety Harbor. We are the Pinellas County choice for exploring the Gulf Coast with the bicycle rentals, SUP board rentals and kayak rentals
Trinity needs. We provide the kayak rentals Trinity needs to explore Fred Howard Park from the waters and the bicycle rentals Trinity  needs to explore it by land.

In the Lake

Kayak Rentals  Trinity Counts On 

Tarpon Tom’s offers two types of kayaks for rent. Choose from individual kayaks or tandem kayaks among our kayak rentals Trinity depends upon for outdoor exercise. You can paddle alone or with a buddy in our kayak rentals Trinity depend on for fun. We serve more than just vacationers. We rent to individuals, couples and groups throughout Pinellas County. Although we are probably best known for our bicycle rentals  Trinity we also rent kayaks which makes a great exercise for alternate days since it works your upper body.

Take a self-guided kayak rentals
Trinity  tour. Ask us about our tour map when you visit Tarpon Tom’s Kayak Rentals  rinity place for exploring. Our tour map takes you along the Florida Gulf Coast. Use Kayak Rentals Trinity can depend upon to explore the wildlife of Fred Howard Park from the waterside with a different vantage point than our SUP board rentals provide.

Kayak Rentals
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